My Web Design Services

I offer the following web design services to get your project on the web and seen by your customers...

Bespoke Web Design

Websites are built around your specific needs. All websites are designed to the latest web standards ensuring full cross-browser and digital media compatibility.

Content Management

For easy and quick updates to your website, I can build your website around a Content Management System (CMS). Updates can be made from any location, giving you greater control over your website's content.

Responsive Design

I also ensure that your website is responsive. This means that the layout of your website adapts to suit the device it's being viewed on, whether it's a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Website Hosting

Getting your website live and viewed by your target audience couldn't be easier. I can set up website hosting and provide on-going support and maintenance.

Social Media Setup

I can set up social media profiles for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn providing header images, backgrounds and profile images to match your branding.

Text Editing & Copy Checking

I can check that the content on your website is free from errors and assist with proof reading and corrections.